A Family Discount Storage
Tucson, AZ 
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November 1st
4320 W Ina, 3905 W Magee
3535 W Magee, 3131 W Orange Gr

November 29th
7185 E I-10 Frontage Rd, 9025 E Camino Abril, 8300 E Valencia, 
9685 E Broadway, 8801 E Tanque Verde

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Are you interested in bidding at an auction of abandoned storage units in Tucson? Click on the tabs above for details or to sign up to be on our mailing list! This page displays our upcoming auctions. You may contact the Auctioneer or A Family Discount Storage facility manager at the number listed for additional information. Please note that whether you’re a seasoned bidder or new to the process, these storage auctions are open to the public. 
The integrity of our auctions is important to us. In our lock cut procedure, we cut the lock with a witness, photograph the unit from outside the door, and secure the unit with a security seal. We DO NOT touch anything inside the unit. Once the unit is sealed, no one has access until the seal is broken the day of the auction. If the tenant pays before the auction, their unit will not be available for sale.  
Please keep your eye on our website for the most current auction status. For more information, please contact us at customerservice@afamilystorage.com

Registration/sign-in happens on the day of the auction: there is no pre-registration. There is no charge to attend the auction and there is no deposit required to bid. T & T Auctions is our auctioneer and facilitates sign up on the day of the auction. Photo ID is required.

A Family Discount Storage 

Upcoming Auctions:
Auctions start at 9 a.m.​

November 1st
4320 W Ina, 3905 W Magee
3535 W Magee, 3131 W Orange Gr

November 29th
7185 E I-10 Frontage Rd, 9025 E Camino Abril, 8300 E Valencia, 9685 E Broadway, 8801 E Tanque Verde

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Terms & Conditions: Cash Only or Credit Card (3% FEE)

$50 cash deposit returned when unit is empty. Buyer has 7 days to empty unit. 

Auction starts at the scheduled time with the first location. Following stops will commence in the order listed upon the arrival of the Auctioneer. Payment is due immediately after sale at that location. Bring your own locks or purchase them from the office. The facility dumpster cannot be used.

Access to the lockers you win will only be during office hours (Mon - Sat 8AM - 5PM & Sun 9AM - 1PM). No gate codes will be given out. Do NOT bring small children.

Please leave parking lot open for A Family Storage Customers and park next door or along the street.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!