A Family Discount Storage
Tucson, AZ 

Day 1-Wednesday Sept 24th
Day 2-Thursday Sept. 25th
Day 3-Thursday Oct. 2nd

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The purpose of this website is to highlight storage units up for auction. In our lock cut procedure, we cut the lock, take a photo, and secure the unit. We normally cut the lock at least 25 days before the auction. We DO NOT touch anything inside the unit. Once the unit is secure, no one has access to this unit until the day of the auction. If the tenant pays before the auction, their unit will NOT be available for sale. Please keep your eye on our website for the most current auction status. We will disclose which units are available for auction the day before the auction. For more information please contact us.

Registration happens of the day of auction. There is no pre-registration. T & T Auctions is our auctioneer and facilitates sign ups on the day of auction. 


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